Chalmers' Regalia



Slightly outlandish and “blinged out” looking regal wear.


Chalmers’ Regalia was originally purchased by Chalmers Hemmingwood III in order to increase his standing with local officials and dignitaries. The purchased proved to be a little pre-emptive, as before he could be invited to any such event where this matter of dress would be deemed remotely appropriate, the towsfolk turned on his adventuring party over a misunderstanding at the graveyard and Chalmers had to be spirited out of town under the cover of darkness.

While adventuring, the rivalry between Chalmers and Valafein took a turn for the worse, and Chalmers beloved horse ended up being foolishly killed in combat over a matter of pride. The death of the horse took a toll on both men, but awakened a realization in Chalmers, something he’d failed to see all along: Posessions should never be more important than your friends! His curious (and terrifying) foreign companion had been drawing more eyes than him on top of his impressive horse this entire time! In fact, having such a companion could probably be considered exotic and cultured, and if that said companion was properly dressed to fit in with the right people…

A convulted idea of friendship was born in Chalmers’ head at that moment, and when the right moment arrived, Chalmers earnestly offered the regalia he’d purchased for himself to Val as a token of friendship. Much to Chalmers’ pleasure, Valafein accepted the gift as offered, even if it was begrudgingly (the regalia looking foolish and all) and mostly as a means to rebuild bridges after the death of Chalmers’ horse.

Chalmers' Regalia

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