Chalmers Hemmingwood III, Lord of Silverdown

Dashing Rogue & Cheap Shot Artist


Chalmers is an agile fighter who uses trickery to put himself into advantageous situations in combat. He wields a rapier with a somewhat crudely engraved Hemmingwood family crest on the guard and the sword’s name “Honour” on the blade. Chalmers forgoes the use of a shield in combat as, in his words, “Why hide behind a shield when I look so good while fighting?”


Chalmers Hemmingwood III, Lord of Silverdown claims to be of noble descent. However, it’s more likely than not that he held a menial job in a keep and picked up enough to pass himself off as a noble to others. Though he wields a nobleman’s weapon in battle, his rapier “Honour”, his favourite tactic – stabbing people in the back when they aren’t looking – belies his claims.

Chalmers is a thrill seeker by nature and tends to be a bit reckless in all matters, be it his arrogace in combat, his penchant for white lies, or his inability to turn down a wager. These issues aside, Chalmers is generally likeable and looks and acts the role of a young noble…when it suits him. Above all else, Chalmers seems to be driven by the need to have people recognize his importance, which motivates his public adventuring.

In times where it doesn’t suit his needs to be highborn, Chalmers has been known to adopt aliases and use disguises, much to the chagrin of his companions.

Chalmers Hemmingwood III, Lord of Silverdown

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