Human Alliance

On the Refounding of Inverness - Excerpts

Found in Hammerfast Library, several sections ruined by ale stains where someone appears to have used it as a coaster

Day 1

We set out, and I had time to make some wonderful sketches of the four individuals who were acting as security. Three humans, and a drow of all things. The drow had a trained panther, of fey origins I believe, and I found the drow’s {obscured} to be most impressive.

Day 2

There was some debate about directions, and I’m happy to see us diverting towards the forest. I do hope that my people will build a colony next to Inverness, to our mutual benefit.

Day 3

I had a wonderful opportunity to watch the four of them tangle with four {obscured} all at once. They {obscured} many wagons and settlers, and were showered in {obscured}. I requested an escort to look for {obscured} in nearby woods, and the four of them {obscured} me very well. We had a run in with some vines, but they burned and slashed at them.

Arriving at Inverness, Aldus asked them to {obscured} for him. They were successful, though looked rather sticky when they were done. I found their account fascinating.

Once in town, we were surprised to find that no {obscured} remained erect, contradicting what all the rangers had promised. I was not disappointed for long, as an enormous {obscured} appeared right where you’d expect to find it. Also, the four men fought a horde of undead and then parlayed with the ghost of Salazar Vladistone. He left, but not before saying ominously:
“You have {obscured} but a single tortured {obscured} this night. We shall see how well you {obscured} the Phantom Brigade.”



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