Human Alliance

Back into the Fray

Episode 502 : To Catch a Tiefling

Episode 501 : Swim a Dead Cat

On the Prowl

In this session, the Human Alliance rely heavily on 4e combat mechanics.

Episode 403 : Making Friends

Episode 402 : Camping

Episode 401 : The Approach

Some combats drag on

Episode 304: Get your paws off me you damn dirty shifters.

Episode 303: In which there is much roleplaying and DM exposition.

Episode 302: We join our heroes in combat with Duergar, then trying to beat a dragon to the punch.

The audio of Episode 301 was lost by a man named Jerry Gergich. You had one job to do Jerry…


Episode 201: In which I don’t know if you’ve been keeping score, but we just got our asses kicked.

Episode 202: In which Val is paid a glowing compliment.

Episode 203: Keep on carrion.

The Haunting of Inverness

Part One: In which, the heroes meet a new a friend and rush off to save some shanty men.

Part Two: In which, the heroes bravely defend a dwarven ally.

Part Three: In which, the heroes are introduced to the Doom Brigade and their leader.

On the Refounding of Inverness - Excerpts

Found in Hammerfast Library, several sections ruined by ale stains where someone appears to have used it as a coaster

Day 1

We set out, and I had time to make some wonderful sketches of the four individuals who were acting as security. Three humans, and a drow of all things. The drow had a trained panther, of fey origins I believe, and I found the drow’s {obscured} to be most impressive.

Day 2

There was some debate about directions, and I’m happy to see us diverting towards the forest. I do hope that my people will build a colony next to Inverness, to our mutual benefit.

Day 3

I had a wonderful opportunity to watch the four of them tangle with four {obscured} all at once. They {obscured} many wagons and settlers, and were showered in {obscured}. I requested an escort to look for {obscured} in nearby woods, and the four of them {obscured} me very well. We had a run in with some vines, but they burned and slashed at them.

Arriving at Inverness, Aldus asked them to {obscured} for him. They were successful, though looked rather sticky when they were done. I found their account fascinating.

Once in town, we were surprised to find that no {obscured} remained erect, contradicting what all the rangers had promised. I was not disappointed for long, as an enormous {obscured} appeared right where you’d expect to find it. Also, the four men fought a horde of undead and then parlayed with the ghost of Salazar Vladistone. He left, but not before saying ominously:
“You have {obscured} but a single tortured {obscured} this night. We shall see how well you {obscured} the Phantom Brigade.”

Fallout boys

Posted outside the temple of Moradin in Hammerfast

Good citizens of Hammerfast.

Malgram the Ranger has made it known that the route south to Harkenwold is much safer. A band of worthy warriors, at his direction, has vanquished the band of thieves known as the Brothers Gray. Many of you hesitated at venturing south past their territory to found the new town of Inverness. Know that nothing will harm you in the journey south, for the Grays are gone and the men who slew them will be at your side to help found Inverness. Join us, we leave the morning after the new moon.

Please see me inside the temple if you wish to join the expedition.

Praise be to Moradin’s Hammer,
Brother Aldus Splintershield


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